Embodied Therapy

Embodied Therapy offers an effective body-based approach to personal growth which can help you let go of stuck feelings, pain, trauma and disconnection, develop greater resilience, and move into a more positive relationship with yourself and others. In the sessions we can use movement, words, breath, and hands-on work to explore your experience, let go of held tension and stuck energy, and open into new ways of being and relating.

Allowing the body to fully feel, express and tell its story can bypass the 'stuck record' of thoughts, beliefs and words and enable you to let go of the past and open up to new experiences and ways of being. In the session I support you to move, vocalise and express, to let go of past hurt and trauma, and gently support you to open into new ways of being and experiencing yourself.

My Approach

There is no formula for how we would work or what a session looks like. Everyone is different. Some of the ways in which we could work include:

  • Talking: though body psychotherapy can sometimes look very different indeed from traditional 'psychotherapy', sometimes it really is just 'good to talk'!

  • Moving: often we don't offer ourselves a chance to let our body move as it really wants to. Movement is a very basic way in which we communicate how we feel to ourselves and others. Often movement can allow us to access emotions in a new way, and can bypass the 'stuck record' that can happen when we rely over-much on talking and thinking to solve our problems. We work in a good sized, comfortable space in which you are free to move and spread out (or be still and contained) in any way you wish.

  • Breath-work: working with the breath is one of the most powerful ways to calm an over-active nervous system, to help you to land in your body, and to process feelings in a safe way.

  • Hands on work: It's difficult to feel solid and secure if your body is out of balance, holding excess tension or emotion, or is unable to connect to the support the ground offers. If it feels helpful we can use hands on work to help your system to come back into balance, align, integrate and release. In this I draw on my 3 year training in Alexander Technique, which offers a very gentle but powerful way to help people let go into the support their body offers.

  • Releasing Trauma: it is common for people to have a certain amount of trauma stored in their body. Trauma is not only generated from single very dramatic events — there is a growing recognition that it can also develop from long periods of lower-level distress and anxiety. Body work is increasingly being seen as one of the most powerful and effective ways to let go of these kinds of stuck feelings. This can liberate us from stuck patterns of behaviour and release long held tension and stress. If such feelings come up we will take care to regulate and ensure that you are not overwhelmed and things can integrate properly.

I believe that we all have within us an innate wisdom and tendency towards healing and wholeness; when we feel safe, accepted and allowed to be ourselves it is natural for us to start to orientate towards well-being and growth. My aim is to create a space in which you can unfold, explore, grow and let go of what no longer serves you as feels right to you. I have a range of tools to offer which can enable you to find greater inner support and resilience, increase your range of possibilities, and allow you to let go of  old patterns which are no longer helpful. I have a range of tools to offer which can enable you to find greater inner support and resilience, increase your range of possibilities, and allow you to let go of  old patterns which are no longer helpful.

By far the most important element in successful therapy is the quality of relationship between client and counsellor. I aim to treat you as an equal, with understanding and respect, to meet you where you are, and to be real, present and empathic. I undertake to self-reflect, be honest if I make a mistake and to act responsibly and ethically at all times.


I offer Embodied Therapy from a dedicated studio at my home in Midhurst. Sessions generally last an hour and cost £40. A sliding scale is available in cases of real need.

Free Introductory Session

I offer a free introductory session so that you can meet me and get a sense of whether you think we could work productively together.

Following this introductory session you are welcome to:

  • Continue straight on into your first full session

  • Book a full session on a different day 

  • Decide not to take it further, or

  • Go away and think further about what you would like to do.

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